I know if I am gonna classify myself as a blogger, I’m going to have to stop dragging my ass and post my stories sooner (so my bad, I promise I will get better).  I’m slowly finding my way back into the beer scene after taking such a long hiatus and  have to get work out a better routine.  So while it should have been sooner, it is better late than never to share my last weekend adventures with you guys.


On Saturday, November 4th, I ventured over to Cinespace Film Studios for my first  BeerHoptacular, a place that I have been acquainted with a few times, as a working makeup artist on a few projects, so I thought it was really dope that I would be able to go back and check it out as beer event, because I was used to seeing it set up as a production site.   While, Chicago’s weather was not our friend, with the heavy rain, it did not hinder the open and friendly vibe in the space.  When you walk into this massive space you see the breweries were along the walls and t-shirt merchants in the middle.  I really enjoyed  the fact that it was not overly crowded and you were able to move around freely within both sides of the connected studios.


Beer, Beer and More Beer! There were just too many beers to just run down, some of my top favs were from Lo Rez, Maplewood, Sun King and Half Acre. Goose Island was also on deck pouring up Bourbon County Stout, which is one of my staple favorites, outside of all those that I’ve named, Prairie Artisan Ales Paradise was my BeerHop fav of that day. It’s an imperial stout brewed with coconut and vanilla, it has a nice light aroma, in which the vanilla and coconut can be tasted but not overwhelming. While at the Beer Museum’s  table, I was able to sample for a very small donation,  Revolution’s Cafe Deth, a rare barrel aged Russian imperial stout release that was gifted to them for the event.  I have to admit towards the middle I started to lose sight of what I was drinking because I started to hit a wall because I found myself opting for the heavier beers, which has me thinking how in the world am I going to survive my first FoBAB.  



As the party came to an end, I decided to make a quick trip across the parking lot to LaGunitas, for even more drinking (lol what better way to end a party then to drink even more). All in all, I had a damn good time at my first BeerHoptacular, I definitely plan on stepping up my game if I am gonna party with the big boys. Until then, I am mentally preparing myself for FoBAB, because I have heard many many things, that has me scared but yet excited.