Boobs & Craft Beer....Why?

First and foremost, let me issue some serious side eye to the content I am about to post because it just simply vexes my spirit.  I of course had to use  Prince the King of Side Eye, may he Rest In Peace.


Now that I have gotten that out of the way, I want to ask, why is there soft porn to XXX craft beer IG accounts? Yes, I do understand these are personal IG accounts and people have every right to post what they wish, I just want to know why? This isn’t corporate beer, craft beer does not need a gimmick to gain the attention. Even though they are not representing an individual brewery, I just do not understand the purpose of showing a stout sitting on or sometimes in someone’s ass.  


Speaking from a woman’s perspective ( I mean last time I checked I was one), there is no need to sexualize craft beer, women are still trying to gain the notoriety and respect  in this industry, it is sometimes hard to be taken seriously when there is sex attached to women drinking beer. I feel this type of attention sets us back and demeans the hard working women who are in the industry. 


I personally think it is a damn shame,  when I check my afrobeerchick IG account, I have to look over my shoulder to make sure my daughters do not see these XXX postings with beer. It is already more than enough sexual content on there.  Just show us the beer and please hold the tits and ass, it really isn’t all that exciting. If it wasn’t in poor taste, I would post a couple of pictures from the accounts I have come across, but as I mother, I know my nosy 12 and 17 year old daughters may check my website, so I will refrain, however, it isn’t hard to come across these accounts.  



Maybe, I am a little old school, I just want to be able to enjoy some of the simple things in life without being overwhelmed with sex being attached to it. For years, corporate beer attached sexy models in barely there clothing to their ads, because they needed a gimmick to sell their beer.



The craft beer community is simple in the art of enjoyment, either you love, like or hate a beer and keep it moving to the next one. A simple picture with a brief description is all that it needs.  There is no need to be a “hey look at me” type beer chick, just being a woman who enjoy a nice hoppy or stout beverage is good enough. Let’s keep the boobs and butts for the other instagram thots.