Goose Island Proprietor's Day Lottery Opens

Summer is now a memory, Oktoberfest is about to be one, as we quickly roll into fall, we are also entering stout season. Goose Island will be holding their 2nd annual Proprietor's Day on Sunday, November 19th at their tap room, 1800 W. Fulton St., in Chicago.  The lottery to win admission to purchase this Chicago exclusive beer is officially open until midnight CST of October 18th.  You can enter the lottery once daily by visiting




The  lucky winners will be announced on October 18th at noon. Tickets are $30 and the winners will have 48 hours to claim their tickets as well as have the option to buy one extra ticket.  Any unclaimed tickets will go back into the pool for another draw on October 20th and those winners will be announced on October 22nd. 

On Sunday, November 19th, bottles can be picked up from 11 am to 5pm and will be broken down into four hour shifts. 2 bottles of Bourbon County Stout Proprietor's and 1 bottle of Bourbon County Reserve Stout can be purchased for $70. You must have proper ID at pick up and names must match IDs,  attendees also must be at their  registered pick up time slot, because if you snooze you will lose and will not be permitted to pick up at a different time.